Advantages of broadband internet

Nowadays everyone is going for a broadband service leaving behind the dialup modems services. There are many reasons for this change of options. The main reason is the speed of browsing related with the broadband services. Further, earlier with the dialup Internet connections the telephone lines used to get engaged, while accessing the Internet connections, and one was unable to attend to urgent incoming calls. Now with the introduction of broadband Internet the telephones have become free even when the Internet is 'ON'. We can list out, as given below, a few more positive points of the broadband service

The high bandwidth associated with the broadband facilitates fast data transfer in large volumes.

The broadband Internet provides fast connecting speeds that are many time higher than the traditional dial-up connection.

A broadband Internet connection can be kept connected to the Internet continuously with out attracting any additional charges. This enable one's presence felt in the Internet at no extra cost. This also avoids frequent dialling or logging on to the provider's service while accessing the Internet.

The telephone line is free when the Internet is 'ON' and we are free to receive calls.

The charges are comparatively less in the case of broadband connections as compared to dial up services, since the charges are prefixed depending upon the selected plan.

There are also unlimited access plans for continuous users and business people.

Enables downloading of complex web pages including graphics with out any difficulty . This has become possible due to the high speed associated with the service.

Now we can download music and videos with out any problem at a fast rate. This has added advantage, since one can avoid going to the shops and stand in queues, for purchasing music and video CDs.

We can now exchange online instant messages with our friends and relatives living at any part of the world. There are many online services offering this facility at no extra cost.

The ability of increased data transfer and real time messaging has helped online business activities to run more rapidly, efficiently and productively

The Broadband Internet connection has made it feasible to promote the working from home concept. Now it has become feasible to engage employees from any part of the world to efficiently run the business.

Now many online services like Google talk, skype etc. that provide on line voice conversation across the Internet.

We can even make Internet phone calls at reduced rates, to any part of the globe by using services like 'Vonage'.

The broadband Internet service has helped to conduct on line meetings and PC to PC file sharing like music and videos.