How to complain

If you are not happy with the speed or reliability of your internet connection and you believe that you are not getting what you pay for then you can complain. The first, easiest and quickest option is to contact your provider. If this does not work then the other options will take more time and effort.


You should contact your provider and tell them what issues you are having. If you have been collecting a history of your speed test results then share them with the provider to help them understand the problem and provide proof that the speed is inadequate. They will perform diagnostics on the connection and maybe send an engineer to check the equipment and make improvements.

If their response is not satisfactory or they don’t respond in a timely manner then you can escalate your complaint.

Ofcom Code of practice / Compensation

A number of UK Internet Providers have signed up to a voluntary code of practice and compensation scheme. If your provider is one of these then you are entitled to compensation if their service is not satisfactory.

You can find out more about the schemes and if your provider is included here:

Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services are approved by Ofcom to independently handle disputes. They deal with billing, service quality and customer service complaints.

You need to give your provider 8 weeks to resolve your complaint before contacting the ombudsman unless the provider tells you to do it sooner.